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Have Fun With The Best Miniature Golf Course In Ohio

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A Hole in 1 Experience

Buckle up for a wild ride at Goofy Golf, Ohio’s #1 mini-golf hotspot! Tucked in the heart of Sandusky, this isn’t your regular course. Nah-uh! We’re talkin’ wacky obstacles, dreamy designs, and an atmosphere that screams “unforgettable fun!” for rookies and mini-golf maestros alike.

Longing for some dazzling delights in Sandusky? Goofy Golf’s got you covered! We’re more than a mini-golf course, we’re a laughter-packed playground where fun and friendly rivalry meet. Why wait? Embrace the magic of mini-golf at Goofy Golf and taste the best teeny-tiny golfing experience this side of Ohio!

Goofy Golf is not just a pit-stop, we’re your one-stop-shop for thrills in mini golf Ohio! Raising the bar in electrifying fun, we promise each game will be an adventure you won’t forget. So, if you’re craving a memorable moment, swing by Goofy Golf where a miniature golfing world full of wonders awaits you!

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Relive classic arcade days at our alley with timeless games. Challenge friends to epic nostalgic thrills.

I can't wait to come back and experience more of what Goofy Golf has to offer. See you soon!