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Have Fun With The Best Miniature Golf Course In Ohio

A Hole in 1 Experience

Step into the Excitement of Miniature Golf at Goofy Golf
Welcome to Goofy Golf in Sandusky! Honored as your portal to the mesmerizing world of miniature golf in Ohio, we offer an experience that’s small in stature but monumental in adventure. Our course seamlessly harmonizes playfulness and challenges, catering to all ages and ranges of proficiency.

Considered Among Ohio’s Leading Mini Golf Courses
As one of Ohio’s top-rated mini golf courses, our distinctive course consistently draws golf enthusiasts, families, and friends back with its charming blend of allure and challenge.

Experience Mini Golf under the Evening Lights
But the fun at our course doesn’t stop at sundown! With stunning evening lights setting the scene, the golfing experience takes on an enchanting, almost magical, aura — promising incredible fun well after sunset.

Your Ultimate Mini Golf Destination in Ohio
For an unforgettable round of golf—during the day or under the starlit sky— go to Goofy Golf in Sandusky. As a jewel in the crown of mini golf in Ohio, especially renowned within Lakewood, we await your visit with open arms. Roll into your miniature golf adventure at Goofy Golf today!

cool kid playing on the best mini golf course in Ohio

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Relive classic arcade days at our alley with timeless games. Challenge friends to epic nostalgic thrills.

I can't wait to come back and experience more of what Goofy Golf has to offer. See you soon!