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Get Go-Karting at Goofy Golf! Zoom, Vroom, and Putt Your Way to Fun!🚦⛳️

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Goofy Golf
Goofy Golf

Giggle Gear Engaged: Rev up the Goofy with Side-Splitting Go-Karts! 

Laugh it up, folks!😃Your good times at Goofy Golf just hit the fast lane with our tickle-your-funny-bone go-karts! We’re talking serious belly laughs here because it’s not just about the thrill of the race but the wide grins and outright guffaws we’re handing out at each twist and turn of the track. Saddle up, adrenaline-seekers, and prepare for family fun-fun-fun! 🚗💨🏁

Kick Start Your Engines at Goofy Golf’s Go-Karts!

Oh, hold onto your hats, thrill-seekers! Our go-karts at Goofy Golf are all about dialing up the Adrenaline and cranking out the laughs simultaneously! Want to know a secret? We’re not just any mini-golf wonderland; we’re also the proud home of some of Ohio’s zestiest, zig-zaggiest go-kart tracks!

Are you feeling that tingling sensation? That’s your adventure senses waking up because a whirlwind of joyride excitement is about to sweep you off your feet! Our state-of-the-art track is a marvel, a labyrinth of thrills that twists and turns and does a little dance of joy with every lap. And guess what? Whether you’re a racing pro or a giggling newbie, our curves are crafted to jazz up everyone’s pulse—making hearts race and faces smile wider than our loopiest loop-the-loops! 

Welcome to the Starting Line of Fun! 🚦


Get your race face on for our Radical Raceway, where the speed is just part of the fun. Here, every rev is a dare to laugh harder, and every finish line is an excuse to high-five.

  • For the daredevils (Drivers must be 54″ tall): Grab your ticket to Adrenaline for $10.95 a ride. Buddy cars? Ha! You’re the captain of this giggly ride!


Big fun awaits on the Big Track! Perfect for families ready to out-zoom and out-laugh each other on a track made for legends (and legendary fun).

  • For the big dreamers (Drivers must be 58″ tall): Your ticket to the fast and the hilarious is just $10.95 a ride, or you can swing by as a rider for $3.00. Kiddos must be at least three years old to join a licensed driver in this laughter circuit!


For our junior racers, the Jr Big Track is where mini dreams go full throttle! It’s your slice of the raceway, trimmed to perfection for those between 46″-54″ tall.

  • For our future champions: Speed into fun for just $7.95 a ride. Because why should the grown-ups have all the fun, right?

Double the Tracks, Double the Giggles! 🎟👯

Need help choosing between the Radical Raceway and the Big Track? Why pick when you can double-dip? Our combo package lets you whirl around not one but both tracks for fun that’s as layered as a double-decker carousel of joy!

  • Radical Raceway/Big Track Combo: Double the dare, double the laughter at just $16.95 a ride.

So, as our go-karts rev up your fun motor, remember, we’re all about the thrills and the spills (of laughter, of course!). Whether Dad’s trying to reclaim his youth with his mad go-kart skills or Mom’s taking those turns like a boss, we’re setting the stage for belly laughs to echo around every curve.

Ready, Set, Giggle! 🏎💨

Strap in, start your engines, and let the laughter fill the air because, at Goofy Golf’s fabulous go-kart extravaganza, every race is a riot, a parade of joy on wheels. Swing by because we’re revving up for some unforgettable family fun, where the best memories are always made at full speed!

Don’t just dream of speed and joy rides; come live it with us! We’ll see you at the starting line—laughter is just a pedal away! 

Why Our Go-Kart Tracks Are the Chuckle Champions

At Goofy Golf, laughter is the key to an unforgettable time. Our go-kart tracks are designed to deliver the giggles with every mini-adventure you embark on. Colorfully wacky, windswept hair and howls of joy paint our racecourse with the irresistible joy of whimsical races! Buckle up and prepare for belly-aching levels of fun. 🥳

Are You Ready to Race Laughter?

At Goofy Golf, family times zoom past the ordinary into the extraordinary. The unparalleled fun never stops, whether it’s the zing of the go-kart ride or the hoots from the mini-golf turns. Our happiness headquarters are waiting for you and your family to burn some rubber and create unforgettable memories. So, pedal to the metal, folks, and let the laughs roll!

Don’t let fun zoom past you! Speed down to Goofy Golf for family times that are as rip-roaring and thrilling as our go-karts! Don’t just hear about the fun – be the fun! So put that pedal to the metal, and let’s see that goofy grin! See you on the track! 😄🚗💨